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Please help!!

There are some films that I just can't remember their names...and IMDB doesn't help...Thanks in advance!!!

1.American film (mid - 70s - 80s?) about a group of problem kids and a guy who organizes shelter for them. One kid is called Alex. He lies to the social worker that his mom is at home, but she is always absent. He also invents a funny poem about bugs in cafeteria (it goes something like "I don't care...I brought my lunch today")

2.American-Japanese film (mid 80s?) about the kids who were kidnapped by a magician and put in some factory. At one point he puts one of the kids in a cage next to the ceiling and starts to roll it. At the end they all manage to escape.

3.French(?) film about two homeless children who join a group of musicians, who stay on the beach. At one point of the film the younger kid helps to clean a cafe in order to get food.

4.French film about two groups of kids who fight each other (time period - before Second World War). One kid is Fabian (I think), the other (his opponent) - Augusten. The film shows a time period of 10 or 15 years, until Fabian grows up.

5.Australian TV-show about a girl called Cassie, who befriended an old man, and after his death was given a horse she cared for.

6.British(?) film about a girl who wanted to have her neighbours' rabbit. He demanded that she would kiss him in exchanged and probably raped her (the film doesn't show it). She doesn't tell about it to her parents, but they discover it later.

7.American film about a girl, whose mother is in a mental hospital, and she takes care of her little brother (named Liam) and sister. She is sent to live with her aunt, a boy falls in love with her and they kiss over a pool table in a basement. Her aunt finds out and sends her back to her father. Later they all go to visit her mother, and she bakes for her pancakes with syrop...
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